France prepares sanctions which could affect UK power supplies over fishing dispute

Tensions over the post-Brexit fishing situation caused both France and Britain to dispatch maritime vessels off the shores of Jersey earlier this year.

France is preparing possible sanctions against the UK, which could affect the country’s power supplies, over issues with fishing licences.

France’s government has claimed its country’s fishermen lack half the licences they require to fish in British waters, and they are owed them after Brexit.

France protested the decision last month by the UK and the Channel Island of Jersey to refuse dozens of French fishing boats licences to operate in their territorial waters.

The country considers the restrictions as contrary to the post-Brexit agreement that the British government signed when it left the European Union.

Officials said that they are working on possible sanctions against the UK, which could be made public as early as Thursday and imposed as soon as next week, unless enough progress is made on the issue.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal highlighted that France’s supply of electricity to Britain could be one of the measures that could come into effect if “there is no change in policy”.

He added: “There are several types of sanctions possible, including tariffs on energy, on the access to ports, on customs, and other measures are possible.”

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