UPDATE: At ‘2019 Watch Night’ President Weah Admonished Officials To Serve Well Or Be Fired; Dedicates Family Chapel

The signboard of the fellowship is being erected

The newly established Forkay Klon Jlaleh Family Christian Fellowship Chapel by President George Manneh Weah situated on the Monrovia/Robertsfiled highway was a scene of excitement when dozens of Christians trooped to its edifice to praise God for the incoming 2019, as the President of Liberia who is the founder of the Church was there to grace the occasion.

Dozens of government officials were also there to be noticed by their boss, the President, as they religiously sang and danced to the glory of God awaiting the arrival of the year 2019, while at the sometime saying goodbye to the year 2018.

Delivering his sermon to the parked congregation, President Weah assured the Liberian people of a more improved governance system during the 2019, and called on his cabinet ministers and other appointees in his government to perform well during the year, and further warned that anyone who refuses to work at his will and pleasure, that person must be prepared to be fired.

Addressing media stakeholders and managers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the seat of the Liberian presidency for now, President Weah bragged of the establishment of a preaching hub, named and styled: the Forkay Klon Jlaleh Family Christian Fellowship Chapel and to be open on New Year’s Day, and further disclosed some members of his cabinet were delivered through his anointing.

The Liberian leader speaking further said,   “It is no joke, over the past months I have been preaching and making people to repent from their evil ways; like the Minister of Finance & Development Planning, Samuel Tweah openly received Christ under my anointing,” President Weah told journalists who all appeared excited of the news.

Speaking further about his new church edifice, President Weah beeping with smiles told media executives that the Overseer of this church, the Forkay Klnon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Chapel  will be his Religious Advisor Rev. M. Emmanuel Nimely who himself was presence at the meeting with media executives.

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