Following Closure Of Roots FM, Monrovia Greeted With Tension Park, Stores, Banks And Others Remain Closed

Monrovia becomes deserted

Monrovia is gradually becoming a tension growing city following the shutdown of one of the popularly listened to radio station, Roots FM which is owned and operated by Henry P. Costa, one of Liberia’s political commentators after he broadcast on his talk show today, October 10, 2019 on ‘The Costa Show’ challenging the Liberian government of any attempt to close down his radio station.

Since this morning, immediately following the closure of the station by court officers, dozens of supporters of the Costa Show trooped on the grounds of the radio station which was barricaded by armed police officers in order to resist its closure were however disappointed when the entrance of the station was forcibly broken into by court officers and placing a lock to the gate.

As a result of this, emotional supporters of the station divided into two groups, with some moving to the ground of the Freedom FM on Randall Street owned and operated by the Deputy Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) to call on the government to do the same by shutting the station, noting that it has over the past weeks preached hate messages ion its platform.

Dozens of commercial centers including some banking institutions resolved today to close down their respective entities for fear of any eventualities from any would be protesters, while at the same time some private and public vehicles were invisible in the streets.

The Liberian government has accused Henry Costa of Roots FM of preaching hate message including throwing insults at the Liberian presidency, making specific references of previous shows where the General Manager publicly threw insults at the Liberian leader, while at the same time challenging the Liberian government for any attempt to shutdown his radio.

Many of those who had gone on the grounds of Freedom FM opting for its closure also said, similarly this radio station has over the past months preached hate messages on its platform, noting that one of its producers, Sekou Sheriff on a regular basis used his platform to insult prominent Liberians, wondering as to why it is also not been closed, but rather targeting only the Roots FM.

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