Fear Engulf Villagers in Grand Gedeh County as Burkinabe’s Designed Forest, Local Commissioner Alarms

Grand Gedeh Forest

Report from the southeastern County of Grand Gedeh has disclosed that over 1,300 Burkinabes has reportedly besieged the forest region of B’hai District in the county making residents of the area to be in fear, and wanting to relocate from their villages, according to B’hai District Commissioner, Mr. William Quartiis told  journalist via mobile phone.

Mr. Quartiis said the presence of a huge number of Burkinabes in the forest of the county is worrisome and unbelievable, noting, “Because Burkina Faso does not share common boundary with Liberia, and why is it that they are infiltrating our forest in such a huge number?”  Mr. Quartiis asked in a dismayed manner.

He said this situation has impeded the work of farmers in the affected villages as farming season is ongoing, noting that due to this, he went over to the nearer Ivorian Town of Gbakublee where he was told that the intruders (The Burkinabes) passed through Gbakublee to enter on the soil of Liberia.

Mr. Quartiis further disclosed that while in the Ivory Coast, he met with some stakeholders including chiefs of the district, representatives of  the Burkinabe Community and others who told him that neither the authorities of the community in the region is aware of the encroachment.

He said these Burkinabes have been in the forest region from 2005 and are illegally engaged into many farming activities such as planting of cocoa, coffee and other crops in the forest.

He further disclosed that some security authorities who were at the meeting expressed regret of the situation, and said at an appropriate time the plight of the people of Grand Gedeh County will be addressed.

Source: Insight

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