ECOWAS Grants Islamic Leaders Nod To Continue Negotiations With Niger Junta

ECOWAS Chaiman and Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu on Thursday in Abuja granted a group of Islamic Ulamas (scholars) the approval to continue negotiations with the Niger junta for the peaceful restoration of constitutional order in that country.

This was after the group led by Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi had briefed the ECOWAS Chairman on the outcome of their previous mission to Niger at the behest of the regional organization.

The team, which is opposed to the use military force threated by ECOWAS, is expected to return to Niamey for further talks with the Gen. Abdourahamane Tchiani-led junta.

Rtd Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, Nigeria’s former Head of State and the ECOWAS Special envoy to Niger, is also pursuing a similar back-channel diplomatic initiative to ensure a peaceful resolution of the Niger crisis after weeks of concerning stand-off.

President Tinubu is expected to brief his Heads of State colleagues on the next move by ECOWAS, which has rejected the 36-month political transition plan proposed by the junta.

From Paul Ejime

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