ECOWAS-EU Peace & Security Project Ends With Achievements

Abuja, Nigeria, 18th November, 2021

The eight-year multi-million Euro collaborative peace and security programme between ECOWAS and the European Union expires at the end of this month, but not without registering some remarkable impacts on West Africa’s stability and development landscape.

The achievements of the Euro 29 million European Union Support to ECOWAS Regional Peace, Security and Stability Mandate Programme (ECOWAS-EU PSS Project), co-funded by the EU under the EU Regional Indicative Programme (RIP 10th EDF) and ECOWAS to the tune of Euro 27 million and Euro 2.33 million, respectively, are notable at both the ECOWAS Commission and the member States levels.

These include:

  • Capacity building and empowerment personnel, through training, provision of management tools and equipment
  • Development of a Communications Strategy and Action Plan and implementation of enhanced visibility for the PSS Project and the activities of the Directorate of Political Affairs, Peace and Security of the ECOWAS Commission
  • Development of a Web-based Monitoring and Evaluation system, Gender mainstreaming in peace and security, democracy and good governance, mediation, and human resources
  • Elaboration of plans of action for the ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Framework (ECPF) and implementation of activities of selected components
  • Addressing the scourge of proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the region
  • Support for peacekeeping and peace-building efforts in ECOWAS member states
  • Support for electoral reforms and election observation Missions to ECOWAS member States
  • Support for preventive diplomacy and conflict management initiatives
  • Gender mainstreaming in peace and security
  • Development of a 5-year strategic plan for the ECOWAS Peace Fund

The achievements, lessons learnt, consolidation as well as sustainability measures would be outlined in a presentation at a multi-stakeholder-event taking place on Friday, 19th November 2021, at the ECOWAS Commission Annex, Central Business District, Abuja.

Apart from the internal stakeholders, representatives of the European Union Delegation to Nigeria, Lite Africa, Nigerian National Centre for Small Arms and Light Weapons and the media are also expected at the meeting.

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