Donald Trump Jr. on his father’s Sunday CPAC speech: ‘People will be outraged’

Former President Trump’s Sunday keynote speech to close CPAC gathering in Dallas

By Paul Steinhauser , Tyler Olson | Fox News

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Donald Trump Jr. teases his father’s CPAC speech warning “People will be indignant” as headlines for Texas events

Just as he did at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando in February, former President Donald Trump will close this weekend’s CPAC gathering in Texas by delivering the event’s headliner speech.

The American Conservative Union, which organizes the largest and most influential annual gathering of conservative activists and leaders, says that the former president will be the last major speaker at the three-day CPAC gathering in Dallas. Trump is scheduled to address the crowd at 3:35 p.m. CT.

Asked about the former president’s address, Trump’s eldest son teased that “with my father, you never know, right.”

“I can assure you it’s going to be interesting. I can assure you people will be outraged,” Donald Trump Jr. said in an interview with Fox News on Friday, ahead of his own speech at CPAC.

The conference comes as Trump, five-and-a-half months removed from the White House, remains extremely popular with Republican voters and continues to hold sway over GOP politicians, as he plays a kingmaker role in party politics and flirts repeatedly with another presidential run in 2024.

The conference also comes amid Trump’s most active schedule of events since the end of his presidency.

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