Did President Weah Reject To See Morlu And Gray? As Both Disparage Officials Acquiring ‘Overnight’ Wealth

Liberia’s ruling party Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu

Information gathered by the GNN in Monrovia has revealed that the political leader of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and President George Manneh Weah has over the past weeks reportedly refused to interact with the National Chairman of the CDC, Mulbah K. Morlu and Montserrado County District # 8 Representative Acarous Gray, a situation that have reportedly created a ‘Bad Blood’ between the President and his party stalwarts.

GNN inside source within the CDC executive committee further revealed that due to the blockage imposed on these two officials irritated an emergency well attended called press conference on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at the headquarters of the party by the CDC Chairman, Mr. Morlu to hawk out their reported frustration on how things are currently taken place within the Party.

At yesterday’s press conference which was also attended by Representatives Acarous Gray. Thomas Fallah and other executive members of the Party, Chairman Morlu political tune turned to the contrary as he publicly criticized the government headed by President Weah and his followers as enemies of the state, referencing how they have acquired overnight wealth at the detriment of the majority.

Stressing further amid applauds from some the executives, Chairman Morlu noted, “It is embarrassing and shameful for the socio-economic disparity to continue to widen between the haves and have-nots, while we are expected to remain silent.”

Morlu also said. “The CDC cannot and will not remain silent if the problems it stood against yesterday begin to resurface in the governance corridors of today. We cannot forget so soon that the existence of this government is a product of the many years of sacrifice, commitment and selfless resilience of millions of ordinary Liberians who simply desire good governance and a departure from the political excesses of the past.

Noting further, the CDC Chairman said, “Amidst the plethora of challenges across the country, our people still remain hopeful that we will rise to seize the moment and make the difference for our people and country; let us not let the people down.”

Some Liberians who spoke to the GNN in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, said the press conference called by Morlu and the others showed that they themselves are frustrated over the way things are happening nowadays in Liberia under the leadership of the CDC led government.

“My question is, did Morlu and Gray would have come on hard on President Weah if they were given audience? They are doing this because they were rejected to see him; over the past nearly two years of their governance, amid the suffering of the Liberian people, Morlu and his likes never one day speak on this, why now?” Esther Tweh, a resident of Monrovia speaking to  the GNN pondered.

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