Did Brownie Samukai Actually Escaped Justice Amid Jail Sentence?

Liberia’s former Defense Minister, Brownie Samukai

Following orders by the Supreme Court of Liberia of the immediate arrest and detention at the Monrovia Central Prison, unconfirmed aired on Spoon TV has disclosed that the convicted Lofa County Senator-Elect Brownie J. Samukai, has escaped the country hours after the Supreme Court verdict.

This information has spread throughout the city and its environs like bush fire, but it is still unclear as to the facts of this report regarding his alleged escaped from justice.

The Supreme Court ordered the imprisonment of Lofa County Senator-elect Brownie Samukai and his deputies for two years due to their failure to pay the 50 percent that was required of them in connection with the misappropriation of the AFL’s fund.

However, your informative GNN has vowed to exclusively investigate the reported escape of the former Defense Minister, and Senator elect of Lofa, J. Brownie Samukai.

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