Despite Court’s Orders to Arrest Five Persons Accused of Dubious Business Transaction, Accused Evades Justice …… Part II

Mr. Eric Jain, one of the accused

As GNN Continues its investigation in an alleged nobbling of a Liberian oil and gas expert, Salu K. Kimba to rob him out of millions of United States Dollars by some foreign based investors, a situation which has seriously crippled and hampered the smooth operations of this Liberian businessman.

As a result of this ill-treatment melted against the Liberian businessman by these investors, the Monrovia City Court last year issued a writ of arrest for Criminal Coercion, Menacing And Felonious Restraint on several foreigners for their alleged involvement in the doping of Salu K. Kimba, a Liberian oil and gas expert.

According to the writ of arrest in the possession of this outlet, the court under the authority of Judge Jomah Jallah, Stipendiary Magistrate ordered Captain Larry Gormoryor, Magistrate Police noting that “You are hereby to arrest of the living bodies of Eric Jain, John Sunday Ekuchuku Udu; a Nigerian, Alpha Diallo and Assitou Kone both a Guineans and Ivorian, and Maxwell Williams Solo to be identified and brought forthwith before the Monrovia Magistrate Court”.

L/R: Mr. Salu K. Kimba (Investment victim) and Assitou Kone, an Ivorian national and one of the sccused

Those involved are to answer to the charge of Criminal Coercion, Menacing and Harassment, based upon the oath and complaint of the Republic of Liberia by & thru Salu K. Kimba, plaintiff in which it is substantially charged as followed:

“That during the period of March 2019, in the City of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, the within named defendants being there and then with wicked and criminal meant purposely connived and conspired using social media and Facebook accused the private prosecutor of being a criminal.  Which said action on the part of the said defendants did not only tarnish the good reputation, but also subject him to hatred, ridicule as well as impair his credit and business repute. Also, in furtherance to the said defendants’ action, they elected to pursue the private prosecutor from place to place threatened to harm and kill the private prosecutor to the extent that they hacked his bank account making it impossible for him to withdraw therefrom with the intent to restrain him and place him in fear”, the write of arrest under the signature of the Clerk of Court, Francis Weah noted.

Efforts by the GNN to contact all those involved in the alleged ill-treatment of Mr. Kimba could not be realized, as their mobile numbers and contact addresses could not easily be reached. However, volume of court documents in the possession of GNN clearly states those accused have reportedly refused to appear before the judge for further meetings.

Investigation continues

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