Delegates From 200 Countries’ Gather In Dubai For COP28 Climate Conference

Delegates from nearly 200 countries, leaders of business and finance, and representatives of civil society will gather in Dubai from November 30 to December 12 for the COP28 climate conference with the aim of fast-tracking the transition to a clean-energy future.

We’ll be sending a delegation of senior representatives as we look to play an active role in discussions happening across Dubai. Our thought-leaders will drill down into the data that illuminates corporate progress toward global climate goals, pathways for transition finance, biodiversity, the phase out of coal-fired power, the greening of private assets, the evolution of carbon markets, and the emergence of resilience alongside carbon cutting as a theme for investment.

COP28 is expected to stress the importance of collective action to stop climate change and the critical role of finance in the low-carbon transition. With our participation we hope to help investors and other capital markets participants see what’s ahead and back climate commitments with action.

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