Police IG, Col. Patrick Sudue Says ‘Cllr. Musu Scott Destroyed Evidence’

By Comfort Johnson

The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Col. Patrick Sudue has disclosed that the former Chief Justice, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott on trial for allegedly murdering her daughter (Charloe Musu), contaminated and destroyed all necessary evidence relating to an alleged multiple burglary attacks by unknown person at her residence in Brewerville Township.

Taking the witness stand on Thursday, November 30, 2023, after been subpoena to testify in the ongoing trial, Col. Sudue said the alleged crime scene was entirely contaminated and destroyed by the defendant so it was difficult for the police to reconstruct the scene and do the necessary professional work so as to get a clue of what happen.

The police chief said the property that was alleged to have been burglarized was already repaired before the police was informed.

“So, what the police did was to give a risk assessment report recommending that the defendant hire a private security firm to guard her home and also electrify the area so as to safeguard her property,” he noted.

The Police IG said he received a verbal complaint from the driver of defendant Scott on the February 9, 2023; immediately upon the receipt of the complaint, the officers immediately moved unto the premises of the defendant at which time they were told by her that the incident of burglary reported was the second that occurred at her residence.

He informed the court and jurors that the police did not give an investigative report on the incident of alleged burglary at defendant Scott’s residence because the crime scene does not suggest to the Liberia National Police that there was a crime of burglary.

“In the instant case of burglary, investigations are conducted when there is an evidence showing breakage that will claim the attention of the police.

How can we investigate when you say your house was broken into but you have are repaired the house?” he asked.

“The first incident having to be on February 8, 2023, however, the officers were told by Madam Scott that the area in which the burglar used to intrude in her property was being repaired.

When the officers asked as it relates to the vehicle that was been vandalized the Madam stated that the vehicle was being used and it had a breakdown and parked in the yard but according to our officers, there were no breakage or damaged to the car,” the Police Inspector General expressed.

Another witness, police detective Curtis B. Koffa Koffa explained that defendant Scott filed a complaint with the police about the alleged attacks that took place on February 8 and 9, 2023 respectively; the police intervened, visited the scene but the defendant had already sealed up the area she claimed the intruder use to enter the house.

“If a burglary take place for example and the criminal used the window, the police would like to go and see probably the damaged window be opened, we will like to see it because these are all evidence to make the investigation sound, but that time she has already closed the ceiling and I told her that she was never to do it,” intoned witness Koffa.

He continued: “on the second occasion, the defendant said she left her key on the table of the living quarters and the criminal took the bunch of keys and went to her black jeep and vandalized same searching for documents, and when she got up that morning, instead of leaving the car there and called the police.

she entered the same vandalized vehicle and drove it; so on these two occasions the evidence was totally destroyed.”

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