Dangerous And Strange Things Are Happening In Liberia Nowadays

An aerial view of Monrovia, Liberia, which saw thousands of people take to the streets to protest earlier this month. Credit: UN Photo/Christopher Herwig.

Liberians and foreign residents are on a daily basis in fear, pondering over as to what will happen to them in the hours to come due to the unusual happenings in Liberia that are threatening the lives of innocent people.

Just a week ago, a local Pastor was seriously wounded by armed men who were in a tracycle that he got in while rushing to a meeting; leaving his vehicle behind due  to huge traffic.

According to report, the victim was robbed of everything that he had by the robbers including the rider, and thereafter he pushed out of tracycle locally call Keke.

Now another incident has happened in the ELWA  community area when a motorcyclist who picked up a passanger was injected with a deadly sustance by his passanger leaving him unconscious, while taken his bike away.

These unusual happenings is on the daily basis creating fears in people who are recounted statement made by President Weah that every  household muse secure what he called ‘CCTV Camera’ to expose those involved in these hinious crimes

This statement when released by the Liberian leader was politicised, with many describing it as laughable.

Now with these unusual happenings nowadays it is important that the President’s statement be considered.

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