Cummings Receives Rousing Welcome In Home County Amid Heavy Downpour Of Rain

E. Varney Kamah

The head of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), and political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Benedict Cummings who is currently in the southeast has arrived in his home county, Maryland with high power delegation received a rousing welcome amid heavy downpour of rain.

Our Correspondent in the county who witnessed the arriving ceremony said Mr. Cummings and his entourage entered the county on Saturday, June 10, 2033 via the Ivory Coast due to perennial bad road conditions in the southeast.

He said chiefs, youth and women groups, the disabled, religious group, including partisans of the CPP were in full attendance to receive Cummings and his entourage.

Addressing cross section of citizens upon his arrival, Cummings expressed thanks, and appreciation for the huge turned out especially for those who left their busy schedule to welcome him, and his team in the county.

The CPP Political Leader informed the of Maryland of his robust plans to fix country when elected as President on October 10 this year, noting “ I am indeed excited, and  happify for the rousing welcome that I have received from you the Citizens of Maryland County,  this clearly indicates that  my own people will turned out to vote me as the next President of Liberia, my government will fix the educational systems,  bad roads conditions,  health system, the economy” he told his kinsmen,

“I am deeply humbled and grateful for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm shown by the people of Maryland during my visit. The unwavering commitment and resilience displayed by men, women, and children, standing for hours in the rain, truly embody the spirit of the movement for real change”.

GNN Correspondent in Maryland County disclosed that despite the heavy rained that fell throughout the day on Saturday June 10, 2023 several Marylanders, Supporters of Alexander B Cummings stood in the rain to welcomed the CPP Political Leader. Mr. Cummings was praised by the rural women of Maryland County for his positive contributions towards them when they are in difficult times.

During the event, Mr: Alexander Cummings was honored with a certificate from the Motorbike Union of Maryland for his invaluable support to the Union. Chiefs from across the county also gathered at the youth center to conduct a traditional welcome ceremony, officially endorsing Cummings as “their own son” and showcasing their unwavering support.

He was also offered prayers at the Full Gospel Church of God in Harper City, Maryland County for God’s blessings, meanwhile, Mr: Alexander Cummings tour the four district of Maryland County Harper,  Pleebo,  Karluway, and Barrobo districts.

The CPP Political Leader Alexander B Cummings expressed his dissatisfaction for the bad roads’ conditions in Liberia most especially roads leading to the Southeast counties.

” I’m not happy at all passing through another country (Ivory Coast) to travelled in Maryland County,  its clearly indicates that the Weah government has completely failed the Liberian people,  and my government will fix the Country.

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