Connecting Liberia: Lonestar Cell MTN’s 22 Years of Digital Transformation and Community Impact


(28 August 2023, Monrovia, Liberia)  In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the digital world has woven itself into the fabric of our lives, redefining how we communicate, conduct business, and access information. As Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s pioneering telecommunications company, celebrates its 22nd anniversary, it’s not just a milestone for the company, but a testament to the transformative power of connectivity and innovation in shaping a nation’s progress.

Since its inception, Lonestar Cell MTN has been unwavering in its commitment to bring the benefits of a modern and connected life to Liberians.  Lonestar Cell MTN firmly believes that modernization and connectivity are not privileges reserved for a few, but fundamental rights that can foster economic growth, digital inclusion, and community development. This vision has propelled the company to become a driving force behind Liberia’s technological evolution.

One of Lonestar Cell MTN’s remarkable achievements over the past 22 years is its expansive network reach. Through relentless dedication, the company’s network coverage now blankets every part of Liberia, be it bustling urban centers or remote rural areas. This has played an instrumental role in bridging the digital divide, allowing even the most remote communities to participate in the digital revolution.

The introduction of MTN Mobile Money in 2011 stands as a watershed moment in Liberia’s financial landscape. By empowering millions with access to banking services through their mobile phones, Lonestar Cell MTN unleashed the potential for financial independence and inclusion. This innovation has not only transformed how Liberians manage their finances but has also significantly contributed to the growth of the nation’s economy.

Education has been another cornerstone of Lonestar Cell MTN’s mission. Through initiatives like providing school supplies, internships, and digital learning resources, the company is nurturing the Liberian youth, preparing them for a technology-driven future. This commitment to education reflects a deep understanding of the role digital literacy plays in shaping the workforce of tomorrow.

Moreover, Lonestar Cell MTN has acted as a catalyst for entrepreneurship, enabling local businesses to harness the power of digital technology for growth. Through strategic partnerships and impactful programs, the company has provided essential support to these enterprises, thereby contributing to job creation and economic empowerment.

The company’s dedication to environmental sustainability is commendable. By embracing eco-friendly practices and deploying solar smart generators, Lonestar Cell MTN showcases how a tech-driven enterprise can prioritize both progress and the planet.

But Lonestar Cell MTN’s contributions go beyond technology and business. Its commitment to social responsibility is evidenced by its support for emergency response services and health-related initiatives, touching lives in meaningful ways. The “21 Days of Y’ello Care” campaign and the “Heroes of Change” initiative exemplify the company’s ethos of giving back to the communities it serves.

As Lonestar Cell MTN commemorates its 22nd anniversary, it stands as a symbol of Liberia’s journey into the digital age. Under the leadership of Rahul De, the Chief Executive Officer, the company remains dedicated to its mission of enriching lives through innovation. This anniversary isn’t just a celebration of accomplishments; it’s a reaffirmation of the company’s enduring commitment to Liberia and its people.

Lonestar Cell MTN extends its heartfelt gratitude to its customers, partners, and stakeholders. Their support has been the driving force behind the company’s journey, and as the digital world continues to evolve, Lonestar Cell MTN stands ready to lead Liberia into a future where connectivity knows no bounds.

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