Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, Speaker Of The 55th Legislature Speech To His Colleagues

Fellow colleagues, I was fortunate about a week ago to have a closed-door meeting with the president elect of the Republic of Liberia.

I would like to say that the President Elect highlighted two broad visions of which we are prepared in the 55th to work on arduously.

I’m sure the week after his inauguration, he will present more. But I was fortunate for the president elect to point out to me that corruption as public enemy number one will no longer be a slogan but it will be an actuality.

I told him we will work with him on that; he also expresses that the infrastructure needs of this country especially in road, especially to my own region the South-East must be accelerated. And to that, I find ever so gratifying.

I pledge to you Mr. President Elect, to use my gavel of authority in this House, to continue to work with you, and to promote the Agenda; after all, we are all one government, your failure is the failure of the legislature, and our failure will be yours.

I will also request that unfinished business of the 54th will be carried out so that we can finally come to a resolution on somethings that were left undone. Notably, the issue of war and economic crimes. We must take up the mantle, listen to our people and finally come to one resolution on that question.

We will be meeting with you Mr. President, and we will be asking for your indulgence as we work with you to carve a meaningful agenda for this country.

Again I’m humble, again I’m overwhelmed; and to the extent today I said anything to make anyone feel uncomfortable and create fear, that was not my true intention; I spoke from my head and not from my heart.

I wish that you would, my fellow colleagues, give me the opportunity as we work towards building an agenda to show our children and our fellow citizens how we can build a better future for this country.

Thank you!

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