Civil Society Organizations Blast ‘Blackmailers’ Against ADI Contractors

Mr. Decontee A. Sackor, Secretary General

The attention of the Grand Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia, a conglomeration seven (7) civil society grouping has been drawn to a calculated blackmail and misinformation ploy against the management of ADI Contractors citing bad labor practice and poor performance rating.

According to a statement issued today by the group under the signature of its Secretary General, Decontee A. Sackor, said while we appreciate constructive criticisms, we are at the same time bemused and flabbergasted that a rag tag civil society group will engage in falsehoods that has the propensity of casting aspersions on the civil society sector of our country thereby derailing the objectives and principles for which civil society activism is intended.

Given the gravity of the calculated and misinformation ploy undertaken by the so-called and/or purported Civil Society Construction Watch against the reputation of one of Liberia’s most outstanding construction companies, ADI Contractors, the Grand Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia embarked on an immediate fact finding initiative with the aim of authenticating the truthfulness of the allegations levied against the ADI Contractors.

Fellow Liberians, it will interest you to note that the Civil Society Construction Watch’s allegation against ADI Contractors are fallacious, mischievous, and lacks any iota of truth telling, the allegations are also characterized generally by malice and calculated blackmail. It was established during our fact finding initiative that contrary to the falsehood told against ADI Contractors, the company has not been drawn into any charge of bad labor practice by any of its employees and contractors. Additionally, the Civil Society Construction Watch lied when it accused ADI Contactors of not meeting PPCC regulations in the implementation of projects.

We are pleased to note that contrary to this boldface lie, The Grand Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia have established that the NPA internal road project implemented by ADI was competitively bided for with fourteen companies participating and ADI emerged as winner of the bid. More to this, the JFK Medical Center project, New NASSCORP office complex on 24th street in Sinkor were all tendered and ADI won all bids respectively.

The Grand Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia will use this medium to call on the so-called Civil Society Construction Watch to immediately retract the open and boldface lies meted out against the reputation of ADI Contractors or risk remedial actions by the Grand Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia to the extent of requesting the revocation of its operational permit (IF ANY) from the appropriate organs of government. Our action is premised on the manner and form mushrooming and hustlers civil society activists are portraying CIVIL SOCIETY as a whole. The   so-called Civil Society Construction Watch has subjected civil society activism to public ridicule and they must be made to account for their action, the statement concluded.

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