China Railway Group Sees Road Connectivity As Path To Speedy Development

Bai Zhongren, the president of China Railway Group

The Management of China Railway No.5 Engineering Group has termed road connectivity as a genuine path to accelerating Liberia’s infrastructural development as well as enhancing economic growth.

China Railway No.5 Engineering Group is a subsidiary of the transport construction conglomerate, China Railway Group Limited.

The state-owned Chinese company is noted for the construction of subway lines and high-speed rail. It also has expertise in road construction, hydro, tunnels, project management and general construction, among others.

The company, which came to Liberia in 1999, also has contracts for road projects in Benin, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Cameroon, among other African nations.

It is currently in charge of the 66 kilometre Fish Town-to-Harper and the 50 kilometre Harper-to-Karloken road projects.

The company has an additional road contract to maintain 80 km of paved road from Karloken-to- Fish Town under a contract with the African Development Bank.

Amidst difficulties occasioned by the bad road condition in Southeastern Liberia, Railway No.5 Deputy Manager, Zhang Shi Hua, expressed dismay over the difficulties associated with transporting construction materials to the region, noting that roads condition in the area is posing a serious challenge to the project.

Zhang noted that prior to the departure of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), roads leading to the Southeastern region were in a manageable condition because they were being maintained by UNMIL, permitting the smooth transfer of materials to the region.

In an interview with the Liberia News Agency (LINA) on Tuesday, Zhang noted that in addition to the bad road condition in the country, the raining season is another factor which has over time served as a major challenge to road construction projects.

Zhang indicated that it becomes difficult for Railway No.5 or other construction companies to do their jobs during the raining season which runs for a period of about six months, noting that some of the materials used in the construction are sometimes destroyed by the rain.

In the midst of these difficulties, Zhang noted that China Railway No.5 remains committed to rendering quality service to the people of Liberia, adding that over the years the company has dedicated itself to the provision of quality infrastructural development in several nations.

Meanwhile, the management of the China Railway No.5 Engineering Group has also expressed disappointment over the recent wave of robbery and attacks on installations of Chinese companies operating in the country.

The company said it has also experienced serious setback as the result of theft of its properties, similar to what others, including those in charge of the Ministerial Complex and the SKD Sports Complex projects, have experienced in recent times.

The company wants government to institute measures to safeguard foreign companies against robbery and other acts that may hamper their operations in the country.


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