Buchanan Demonstration School Gets Much-need Support from ArcelorMittal Liberia for Renovation Project

Third from left, Bassa Demonstration Elementary School Principal Emmanuel Wragboe, followed by AML’s Corporate Responsibility Manager Eric Swen and some members of the teaching staff alongside AML’s Government Affairs Superintendent Gus Knowlden.

Hundreds of Liberian students enrolled at the Bassa Demonstration Elementary School in Buchanan will no longer have to sit under the falling and leaking roof of their school building to learn ─ thanks to the generous intervention of one of Liberia’s most committed private sector investors, ArcelorMittal Liberia.

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) presented a cheque for USD $7,500 (Seven Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars) for the renovation of the Bassa Demonstration Elementary, in Buchanan, following a request for assistance from the school.

Making the presentation, AML’s Corporate Social Responsibility manager, Eric Swen said the amount was part of the company’s contribution to supporting the provision of quality education to all Liberians, especially the children who are the leaders of the future.

“On behalf of the CEO and the ArcelorMittal family, I am very happy and pleased to present to you this cheque of US$7,500 which is a part of our contribution towards the commitment we made to you for the renovation of the school,” Swen said.

According to him, the company was touched and moved in to help after being told about the poor condition of the roof of the school, and the conditions students were made to sit under to learn. He said the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of AML were both concerned about improving the condition of the school for the students and staff.

Taking delivery of the cheque, the school’s principal, Emanuel Wragboe thanked ArcelorMittal Liberia for the intervention and pledged that the administration will ensure the money provided is used for the intended purpose.

Wragbo said in addition to the re-roofing of the school facilities, a portion of the money from AML will also be used to extend the fence around the school to help keep the students safe during school hours.

“I think this amount will help immensely to cover our re-roofing and fencing projects.”

Also, as the recipient of the Best Principal of the Year award, Wragboe said AML is somewhat credited for his achievement, as he had continuously referenced the company in delivering the best education for Liberian children.

The Bassa Demonstration School was one of the dozens of schools in Grand Bassa, Bong, and Nimba Counties supported with educational supplies for students by ArcelorMittal Liberia at the start of the last school year.

The ArcelorMittal Liberia ‘Back to School’ program was meant to help support the education of students and ease the financial burdens of parents when it comes to the purchase of school materials for their kids.

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