Boy, 11, Emmanuel Dickson Shot Dead By His In Nimba County

Report from Nimba County says An 11-year- old boy identified as Emmanuel Dickson in Zan-Zayee, was shot dead with a single barrel pistol by his eldest brother.

According to state radio, ELBC, the incident occurred in a room where the deceased and his eldest brother were playing with the pistol that caused the demise of Emmanuel Dickson.

The correspondent disclosed that Emmanuel Dickson was shot dead by his eighteen years old eldest brother T. Boy Dickson on Monday afternoon after they had returned from school.

According to the LBS’ correspondent, the perpetrator is said to be on the run since the incident, and, at the same, it has been alleged that he is in possession of the weapon.

The onlookers, according to the correspondent, narrated that the deceased and the alleged perpetrator had returned from school and were offered food by their mother before playing with the single barrel pistol that’s resulted to such an incident.

It is said that the single barrel pistol belongs to the father of the deceased and the perpetrator, adding that he had the weapon as a means of protecting himself.

Providing clarity on the ownership of the firearm, Yeagbeh intimated that the issue of arm possession is common in that part of the country for individuals to legally carry firearms after being granted permission by the local authority.

Meanwhile, the state radio correspondent further unveiled that police are on the hunt of the perpetrator

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