Biden solidifies win with Georgia victory as Trump appears to hint at presidency changing hands

Joe Biden will take over from Donald Trump as president on January 20. Credit: AP

President-elect Joe Biden has solidified his election win over Donald Trump with a projected victory in the state of Georgia, as his defiant rival appeared to hint that the presidency could soon change hands.

If the victory – projected by American broadcaster CNN – is confirmed, it will gift him an additional 16 electoral college votes, putting him at 306 and leaving Mr Trump at 232 after his projected win in North Carolina.

The Georgia victory – the first time a Democrat has won the state since 1992 – means Mr Biden’s win over President Trump is now being described as a “landslide” by CNN.

With the margin between the two rivals just 0.3 percentage points in Georgia, Mr Trump is able to request a recount when an audit of vote process there is complete next week.

Despite a recount being likely, Mr Trump would still not win the election even in the unlikely event that the vote result is overturned, because Mr Biden’s overall lead is too large.

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