Bhofal Chambers Re-election Faces Hitches, As Anthony Williams Leads

The people of Pleebo Sodoken District # 2, Maryland County have reportedly resolved to legally vote out their sitting member of the House of Representatives, and bring in a new breed of individual who they believed will serve their interest for the better.

According our Maryland County Correspondent, the two main rivals in the just ended legislative elections in the district, Representative Bhofal Chambers who is opting for reelection and his rival, Anthony F. Williams are said to be wrestling as to who will be the next lawmaker for that district.

The latest tally result released by the National Elections Commission (NEC) revealed that Anthony Williams is leading the incumbent Representative, Dr. Bhofal Chambers who is also the Speaker of the House of Representatives is doing all in his power to retain his slot.

However, report emanating from the county has revealed that the incumbent, Dr. Chambers without permission from the NEC is in the habit visiting tallying centers, a situation which is said to be brewing dissatisfaction between the rivals, with one of the contenders, Anthony Williams with more questions than answers.

Speaking to GNN via mobile phone, Williams expressed concern over the manner in which the incumbent is constantly visiting tallying centers after completing his voting process, Williams furthered that he has already complained to the NEC on this.

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