BEA Mountain Mining Corporation Commits To Developing Sustainable Host Communities

It is often said that natural resource projects, especially those that are non-renewable, are granted operational licenses by the regulators but the “SOCIAL LICENSE” must be obtained by the concessionaire.

A social license is, by far, the most critical of all licenses. It is the culmination of the concessionaire’s social policies on stakeholder engagement, grievance management, project linkages (local content), employment, etc. and the commitment to deliver on those. It further reflects the level of trust and respect between the project proponents and the host communities.

Bea Mountain clearly recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining a strong social license and has adopted a robust plan of action towards that end.

Today, many local businesses have been established to provide goods and services to the projects. With a workforce of more than 4000 persons and meal services exceeding 10,000 daily. Many farmers and vegetable producers have found a very stable market for their commodities. Additionally, several local catering companies have been established to provide the meal services at the various project sites.

Also, residents not directly employable by the project have the chance to work for one of the various local service providers that include security guard firms, carpentry shops, construction companies, etc.

Business relationships with these entities tend to boost the local economies uplifting the standard of living for many in region.

Other forms of support to the local economies have been thru micro loan schemes across several village savings and loans cooperatives. Currently, the Company has infused more than $150,000USD into these programs. Recently, the Minister of Internal Affairs presented the last trench of $50,000 USD to the Kinjor community.

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