Barnerville Estate Area ‘A’ Becomes Home Of Criminals, As Uncontrollable Darkness Overwhelm Residents

Residents of Barnerville Estate area ‘A’ say they are being victimized by criminals who visit their homes regularly, and stealing their electrical wires from the poles due to darkness in the area which was created as a result of a spoiled transmitter of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) since nearly five months.

Some residents, many of whom are victims of these criminals who are using the cover of darkness to terrorize them speaking to the GNN, said criminal activities in their area, specifically area ‘A’ have drastically increased as these criminals are said to be  using the lack of electricity to carry out their acts mainly at night.

“All of our meters installed by the LEC have been stolen by these criminals which of course will make it very difficult for many us whenever our damaged transmitter is repaired and returned to us; it will be very hard for us to be connected because our meters have been stolen”, one of the victims who spoke to our reporter said.

For his part, the acting Chairman of the area, Daniel Davies also emphasized how they have been calling on the management of LEC to see reason in the repair of their damaged transmitter or provide a new one which he said the residents of the area are willing to pay whatever fees will be charged,

“This situation is serious, I have been calling on one of the Senators who resides in the area to help us in this regard, he also has been trying his best, but to no avail; I also talked to our District Representative, he has also promised to intervene, but up to presence there has been no suitable response from the LEC about our plight,” Mr. Davies in a chat with the GNN said.

“Area ‘A’ has becomes a ghost town in Barnerville Estate, other areas have been lighted up by the LEC power which is very regular, we are suffering because it was reported that our transmitter has been burnt due to overloading as a result of people reportedly stealing LEC current; we are indeed suffering, let LEC come to our aid,” another resident who spoke to our reporter said.

With the lack of electricity for some parts of the estate, the management of the LEC will be losing huge revenue due to the lack of sufficient supply of electricity to many of its customers as being exhibited by the situation in area ‘A’ of the Barnerville Estate.

The management of the LEC must see reason in providing adequate supply of electricity to its many customers during these raining seasons as the hydro is expected to overflow.

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