At IMS Travelers Are Frustrated Over Delayed Of COVID-19 Results, As Several Missed Their Flights

Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Liberia’s Minister of Health

Hundreds of travelers who gathered at the Incident Management System (IMS) on Monday, December 14, 2020 to receive their COVID-19 results are disappointed due to the delay of the system to deliver results on time, a situation that led to many travelers to miss their flight, while others are compared to do additional bookings.

Applicants are compel to pay Seventy-Five United States Dollars (US$75.00) before taken the test, and are told to return in 72 hours or three days for their results to be delivered to them via text messages, and process their required certificates via mobile phone before departing for the airport to their locale.

But this was not the case for many of the travelers who had gone to the center for their results; waiting for nearly six hours, making many of them to miss their schedule flights, as the results were not available despite the three days given to them earlier.

Our reporter who was at the center saw hundreds of travelers in tears due to the delay of getting their COVID-19 result, three of the victims, a Lebanese, a Nigerian and a Liberian said they have missed their flights and are compelled to do another bookings, while additional US$100 is paid per person before issuing another schedule date.

According to our reporter, one of the travelers, a lady burst into tears after a friend of hers who had earlier result her COVID-19 test result informed her via mobile phone that her flight had taken off at the RIA at scheduled time of 4pm on that day, this situation made many of the passengers for various airlines whose schedule were made at that hour also began frightened.

The over three hundreds applicants who had gathered at the center were only catered to by a single lady, this made it very difficult for their urgent situation to be addressed a situation that made her to it announced that her Air Ivoire had taken off   who spoke to the GNN despite the 72 hours period provided by the system to any applicant

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