As Weah Orders Health, Justice Ministries To Design Strategist To Curb Spread Of COVID-19, Second Lockdown Insight

President Weah

Following President George Manneh Weah’s pre-recorded statement aired to the nation, calling on both the ministries Health and Justice to immediately design strategist to curb the spread of the COVID-19 in Liberia, a possible lockdown to compel Liberians and foreign residents to adhere to all health protocols.

Some callers on a radio station in Monrovia blamed the Liberian leader for his alleged unwillingness to be vaccine amid the rapid spread of the virus in the country which has made Liberian to wondered, questioning his sincerity about the existence of the virus.

“Since the arrival of the COVID-19, and now its new variant which seems to be taken more lives and affected by over 2,000 people in the country, President Weah is yet to take the vaccine; this seems to pondered many Liberians, many of whom are now refusing to be vaccine,” one of the callers on Sky Radio morning said.

On the pending imposition of another lockdown by the government, the callers urged the Weah-led government to be more proactive in introducing more health measures that would compel Liberians to adhere to all protocols which will eventually curb the spread of the virus.

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