Barclayville Based AHTEENAH Radio Undergoes Upgrading, As Manager Assures Of Widest Coverage

Deputy Speaker, Jonathan Fonati Koffa – Chief Financier of Ahteenah Radio

The station Manager of Ahteenah Radio Eldred Thomas has assured Grand Kru citizens and Liberians in surrounding counties of wilder radio coverage and added broadcast values upon resumption.

AHTEENAH Radio is currently off the airwaves due to ongoing upgrading of it’s equipment and facility located in Barclayville city, Grand Kru county.

Mr. Thomas noted the station shutdown it’s broadcast on Monday, June 14,  2021 and will be off the airwaves for a short period due to the  transitioning to high-speed wireless services.

The AHTEENAH Radio Manager stated that during the upgrading, a 2,000watts transmitter and a 4-bay antennae will be installed including some broadcasting technologies to meetup with 21 century style of radio broadcast.

The Liberian broadcast and print journalist said a 2,000 watts transmitter and other radio equipment  were purchased and brought into the country from the USA by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of Board Deputy Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa.

Mr. Thomas asserted that the move demonstrates the Grand Kru county district Representative desire to serve his people by ensuring a high standard information dissemination platform, something that is of great importance in his native Grand Kru.

He is quoted in a statement as saying a team of technicians and other members from the Media and Monitoring Team in the office of the Deputy House Speaker will shortly arrived in the county to commence the transition process.

Manager Thomas puts the cost of the transitioning process at thousands of United States dollars.

The AHTEENAH Radio Manager however, noted ” our offices are open daily to the general public while the transition to high speed wireless services and installation of its 2, 000 watts transmitter and other Radio equipment is on-going.”

“The station regrets the inconvenience caused it’s vauled costumers and the listening audience in general, as we very conscious of the information dissemination gap that has been created for the period we are off the airwaves, the AHTEENAH Radio Manager noted”.

Manager Thomas used the time also to commend it’s Chief Financier and Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa for his restless material and financial support to the up keep of AHTEENAH Radio.

“This move transition is not a surprise, because AHTEENAH Radio is one of the many projects of our CEO that is always at his heart, because he sees reaching out to his people as an obligation and a priority, the AHTEENAH Radio Manager indicated”.

He at the same time praised the county leadership, it’s vauled costumers and the general public of Grand Kru county for thier continuous support to the station in many different ways.

Manager Thomas then pledged renewed commitment, saying AHTEENAH Radio remains a community driven radio, evident by programs and news broadcast on the station.

“Our Radio will remain outstanding, as our team of professionals are steadfast in the discharge of thier professional duties serving Grand Kru county and Liberia through the radio and people engagements which is aimed at positively impacting the society, the journalist assured”.

AHTEENAH Radio which operates on the assigned frequency of 102.5 is the communication armed of the AHTEENAH Development Cooperation, one of three community radio stations in Grand Kru county owned and operated by Liberia’s Deputy House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa.         

The station also run the AHTEENAH TV online, a platform that carry most of it’s major programs and activities especially for Grand Kru citizens and Liberians out of Grand Kru county and those in the diaspora.

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