As Lawmakers’ Alleged US$1.2M Bribing Case Drags, whistle-blower Seeks Asylum In Foreign Land

Liberians who have been following a bribing story which eventually became hearing case at the Temple of Justice allegedly involving some lawmakers in a bribery case of US$1,2 Million to allow the printing of additional US$10 Million dogged up by the Publisher of the Hot Pepper Newspaper, Philipbert S. Browne are wondering as to whether this case will ever be heard in the absence of the Whistle-blower who have reportedly left the country for asylum.

Mr. Philipbert Browne, the man who became a whistle-blower in the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian dollars and the alleged receiving of US$1.2 million by some lawmakers to authorize the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) for the printing of more money, recently announced his departure out of the country for security reasons.

Liberians speaking to the GNN-Liberia over the weekend publicly expressed disappointment of the unceremonious departure of Mr. Browne, in the face of an investigation between him and some members of the House of Representatives who were alleged linked for the distribution of millions of United States dollars allegedly amongst themselves in order to authorize the CBL to print additional US$10 million.

“Even the issue of the missing six billion Liberian dollars which drew the attention of the entire Republic, and brought the CDC-led government to its knee, and further to financial irregularities, and corruption was also uncovered by the Hot Pepper Publisher. I am baffled in the absence of all of these reports. He has left the country,” Shadrick Wion, a resident of Monrovia. Speaking to our staff wondered.

Like Wion, others who spoke to our reporter similarly, said they are confused and wondered as to the whereabouts of the missing billions, and the alleged disbursement of US$1.2 Million allegedly by the lawmakers as was uncovered by Mr. Browne’s Hot Pepper Newspaper.

“Up to now the promises made by the Government that the findings of the alleged missing billions would have been released in this month, up to date we are yet to hear this report. Now our whistle blower has left the country, who will feel us with the correct information relating to application of the country’s and its resources,” Karpeh Q. Freeman of Paynesville, Monrovia in a rather confused state of mind said.

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