As June 7th Protest Draws Closer, Liberian Leader Issues Travel Restriction on All Officials Of Government

President George Weah

As Liberians ponder over the outcome of the much publicized Council of Patriots (COP) organized protest for June 7th, 2019; hoping that it will be peaceful on that day, the Liberian leader, President George Weah has ordered members of his cabinet including Superintendents and Mayors to obtain a travel permit from his office before leaving the country.

According to a statement from the presidency, the Liberia Immigration Service, has accordingly, been ordered to demand this permit from officials leaving the country before allowing them to.

Appointees of institutions of higher learning have also been directed to obtain Travel Authorization Letter from their supervising Minister and Governing Board, respectively in consultation with the Minister of State before leaving the country.

Presidential appointees leaving the country are required to show evidence indicating the sponsors of their trips, period away from the country along with their travel request letter.

The statement issued noted.

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