ArcelorMittal Liberia Provides Major Support for Rehabilitation of St. John River Bridge in Grand Bassa County

Since the advent of ArcelorMittal’s investment in Liberia, the company has not only taken a major burden in addressing unemployment in Liberia by hiring thousands unemployed, and also a leader in revenue generation for the development of Liberia; the company has proven to be reliable and a dependable partner to the people of Liberia, particularly, in time of needs and crises. This was seen recently by ArcerlorMittal’s overwhelming support for the restoration of the St. John bridge which connects Grand Bassa County to major national public facilities, including the Roberts International Airport, and the metroplex of Liberia. 

Rehabilitation of the St. John River Bridge in Grand Bassa began Saturday June 10, with major support from ArcelorMittal Liberia through its contracted technical companies.

ArcelorMittal has supplied the required logistics and technical equipment needed to safely complete the rehabilitation of the bridge under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Works.

The company has supplied 200 tons hydraulic jacks, steel plates, rubber membranes and a 10KVA generator.

Among other equipment and supplies completely underwritten by the global steel company are trucks, elephant feet support, cranes, compactor, fuel, manpower amongst other equipment and supplies.

Over the past week, ArcelorMittal Liberia provided tents and catered meals services (three times a day) for the security team assigned at the St John Bridge which reported cracks about two ago. 

AML is also covering the cost of hotel accommodation and feeding for a five-man technical team from the Ministry of Public Works for the duration of the St. John River Bridge rehabilitation work.

Cracks on the lower end of the St. John Bridge has for about two weeks hindered the transportation of goods which resulted to the hike in the prices of essential commodities in Buchanan.

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