Flash Back: Ellen and Joe

Why The Hatred Between Ellen Johnson Sirleaf And Her Ex-Vice President? GNN Investigates

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Flash Back: Ellen and Joe

Over the last years, Liberians have been pondering over as to what actually went wrong between the former Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her former Vice President, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, both ran the country for twelfth unbroken years, but suddenly to the surprise of many things have changed between the once two best friends.

Amid this hullabaloo amongst concerned Liberians who have noticed this ‘Broken Friendship’ between the former President and her former Vice President are expressing serious concerns amidst Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s bid for the presidency on the ticket of the Unity Party (UP) with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who has been considered within as ‘Iron Lady’ of the UP.

Amid of these speculations regarding the perceived hatred between the once two best friends, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Nyuma Boakai, GNN in its series of investigations in the coming weeks will independently release series of investigative reports aimed at finding out as to what really went wrong between the two.

Sources from both the camps of Johnson and Boakai has hinted that this unended long misunderstanding between the two which surfaced in 2014, leaving Liberians ponder over such, GNN is to shortly release series of investigative reports on why both have fallen apart amid the quest of one of the parties to contest the country’s presidency on October 10.

GNN will professionally dig out these hidden secrets through its independent investigation, and inform the Liberian people and the rest of the world. Part one of this investigation coming on soon.

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