Applied Satellite Technology first to partner with the Liberian Registry for Iridium® GMDSS

Applied Satellite Technology (AST), a leading provider of maritime satellite communications solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with The Liberian Registry as the first authorised service provider of the Iridium Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) for Liberian flagged vessels.

The Liberian Registry has earned international respect for its dedication to flagging the world’s safest and most secure vessels. The Registry has experienced significant growth throughout its history and is recognised as the world’s fastest growing major open registry, with 12% of the world’s ocean-going fleet and over 4,500 vessels, making it the second largest Flag.

AST has a proven track record in delivering innovative, market-leading maritime projects world-wide and has created many firsts for the industry, including the world’s first commercial activation of Iridium GMDSS. AST has extensive experience in the specialised areas of maritime communications technology, enabling the organisation to manage and maintain networks, maritime information systems, telemetry and associated maritime assets efficiently and effectively.

IridiumGMDSS is the world’s first truly global maritime emergency and distress service. As a Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) convention recognized system, Iridium GMDSS helps keep mariners safe in emergency situations whilst at sea. As the system utilises satellite technology it is therefore always able to send and receive information. It helps prevent accidents via receipt of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) and can quickly alert rescue authorities and nearby vessels in the event of an emergency.

Whilst mandatory for SOLAS vessels, Iridium’s GMDSS solution is equally valuable and increasingly prevalent on “voluntary fit” (non-SOLAS) vessels such as smaller fishing vessels, recreational boats and leisure yachts.

Gregory Darling, AST’s Founder and Chairman, said “We are delighted to become an authorised service provider for Iridium GMDSS service with the Liberian Registry. The Liberian Registry is well-respected for its safety, innovative services, and high-quality standards. We are incredibly proud to add an organisation of its stature to our ever-growing portfolio of maritime partners.” He added, “This partnership further highlights AST’s capabilities to supply and support large vessel requirements on a global basis and emphasises AST’s complete commitment to delivering maritime safety solutions”.

Alfonso Castillero, Chief Operating Officer of the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR) said: “I am very happy to announce this authorization of AST for Iridium GMDSS. According to the national and international regulations, the ultimate regulator on the vessel is the flag State; as such, the flag State needs to remain up to date with the latest in technological advancements of the equipment and services used aboard its fleet. I feel this assists us greatly in achieving that objective.”

Source: Applied Satellite Technology (AST)

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