Another Talk Show Host Complains Of Threat On His Life

Mr. T-Max Jlateh, 50-50 Talk Show Host

One of Liberia’s famous radio talk-show hosts, the producer of the 50-50 morning has publicly alarmed over threats being issued by individuals on his life days after he aired on his program that some leading Liberian journalists were been targeted to be eliminated including him through assassination on Monday has alarmed.

According to T-Max Jlateh, since Monday after the airing of his show he received series of strange unknown calls via mobile phones last Thursday, March 30, 2019, while driving home and decided to not to answer, but said he later received another call from a friend (name he did not call) who explained to him that a seating Senator at a meeting discussed how they will eliminate and blacklist  him and four others, including Henry Costa; the talk show host of the Costa Show, the Publisher of the Hot Pepper newspaper, Philipbert Browne and the Publisher of the Front Page Newspapers.

He narrated that this friend who called him warned that he (T-Max Jlateh) to stay clear of public places, including where he eats or who he talk with, explaining further Mr. Jlateh said again while home the same friend asked me not to take the revelation for granted and advised him to stay off the streets.

“I ask my friend why these people would be after me, he replied, they said at the Meeting that you are too critical, even from the Taylor days and they want you out before it gets too late”  Mr. speaking on a live interview with is station asked in a rather distressed tune.

“I cannot say it’s government, but in this town there are lots of overzealous people who at times are state actors and the president may not be in the know but they think by doing this would be in the interest of the President and Government in their so-called perception that this man is against the government.”

“I have been critical from former President Charles Taylor, to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and now President George Manneh Weah; I have not gotten such threat ever, even with former president Charles Taylor, I was arrested once or twice but never for me to be eliminated,” Mr. Jlateh pondered.

T-MAX Jlateh said, as advised, he will communicate same with diplomatic missions accredited near Monrovia for the record but he has no intention whatsoever to leave Liberia, and further warned against the level of hate across the country as it highest since the end of civil war in Liberia as detrimental to the peace which must be dealt with urgently.

“There are too many hates around here; In this town I have received calls and post on social media threatening me that the ‘day I die they will kill cow’ but perhaps some of them might just die without a cow. I am not only going to communicate this to the United States embassy but the European Union, the Council of Churches, the Liberian Journalist in the Americas and the Press Union of Liberia,” Mr. Jlateh noted.

Early this week, the Publisher of the Hot Pepper newspaper, Mr. Philipbert also disclosed that some journalists were being listed to be eliminated  but did not name those behind this, but cautioned journalists to be careful who they move around in the city.

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