An Educator, Entrepreneur Encourages Liberian Students

Dr Mory Sumaworo, a Liberian academic and entrepreneur has urged young people not to be taken as a tool of violence amidst political season towards 2023 general elections.

Serving as guest speaker at the 5th graduation program of the Fanima Islamic High school on Sunday, October1, 2032, where he talked about the importance of education and its relevance in national development process. He said in order to achieve the needed education system to transform Liberia, he opined that there must not only be focus on reading and writing skills but other three major components must be observed as well, the ability to analyze, implementation of what is learnt and compliance with ethical values and principles.

Dr. Sumaworo, a lecturer at graduate schools at both Cuttington and AME University, historicized the role of some Islamic scholars in Golden Age of Islamic renaissance (8th to 13th centuries) in Chemistry, Medicine, Geography, Demography, International Law, Philosophy, Astronomy. He gave some examples of those scholars as follows, Jabir Ibn Hayyan (Kunyas) (806-816) who is popularly known as the father of Chemistry. His works contain the oldest Systematic Classification of Chimerical Substance and Ibn Sina commonly known by the West as (Avicenna) 980-1037. He is regarded as one of the most significant physicians, astronomers and the father of early modern medicine.

Among his intellectual contributions to the medical field are: The Book of Healing and The Canon of Medicine. Ibn Rushd commonly known in the West as (AVERROES), 1126-1198. He is the author of more than 100 books and treaties. His philosophical works include commentaries of Aristotle for which he was known as the Father of Rationalism. Ibn Khaldun 1332-1406 a renowned political scientist, historiographer and demographer.

Dr. Sumaworo encouraged the graduates to take advantage of different languages including Arabic to open their horizons; he pointed out that Science/ knowledge knows no language, it only knows who’s devoted and committed to developing and advancing it. As such, the Arabic language has played a significant role in developing scientific theories and cross cultural intellectual discourses over hundreds of years. Dr. Sumaworo himself is a bilingual academic (English and Arabic).

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