Amid Hardship, Is Keff Hassan Actually Receiving $20K Monthly To Promote CDC Gov’t?

As Liberians struggle daily to honestly have food on their respective tables due to hardship, backed with the absence of reported delay in the payment of salaries for civil servants, recent report unearthed on Spoon Talk Show live revealed that one of the hosts of the show, Keff Hassan is reportedly receiving a huge monthly cash of Twenty Thousand United States Dollars for Public Relations on behalf of the Liberian Government.

With this disclosure on Spoon Talk Show by one of the panelists recently drew chill bombs on the skin of many Liberians, who questioned the rational of the government to provide huge amount of monthly amid hardship being faced with majority of the Liberian people, many of whom cannot afford a dollar daily.

Some Liberians who spoke to your informative GNN, wondered as to why such huge amount is being spent on an individual just to promote a ruling party, why the majority of the citizens are drowning in abject poverty on a daily basis.

According to one of the panelists on the show, said Keff Hassan over the past months regularly  received said amounts, a situation described by many Liberians who listened to the show as inhume on the part of this government allegedly by wastefully  spent ‘Taxpayers’ money without remorse.

Early this year, some major U.S. lobbying firms who were reportedly hired to strengthen international relations for the Liberian Government terminated their lobbying agreements totaling $600,000 per year with the Government of Liberia.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, On August 19, 2022, Carbon Thread (CT) Agency terminated its agreement with the Government of Liberia. Under such agreement, CT was to receive from the the CDC-Government $240,000 annually.

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