ALCOP Political Leader Commend Liberians For Celebrating Unification Day

Lusinee F. Kamara, ALCOP Political Leader

The. Political Leader Of the All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) Lusinee F. Kamara, Sr, has extended his sincere greetings and best wishes to all Liberians on this important Unification Day and lauded Almighty Allah for keeping all Liberians alive to see this Unification Day.

National Unification Day is a national holiday observed in Liberia on May 14th, sometimes called “Integration day”, this day marks the Unification and Integration Policy, which was aimed at tackling political, social and economic disparities with the country.

He noted that this day witness this occasion unfold every year, it permits us as Liberians to celebrate how resilient, honest and nationalistic we Liberians have been in dealing with our rich cultural diversity and the challenges that confront all pluralistic societies.

According to him, this day is for all Liberians to rejoice in the effort of our past leaders towards unity and to assess our own attitudes to the divine wisdom that made Liberia a melting pot, a cultural mosaic or fusion.

“Let us work for unity in diversity. This is the test given to us and to the people of every multicultural and multiethnic society. Those who lived here before us were tested to see how they would deal with unity. History is their judge. Our generation will also be judged by the future generations” he said.

In his Unification Message delivery over the weekend, The ALCOP Political Leader indicated that, the people in every period and stage of life have some sets of challenges to overcome.

He said they and their leaders strive to unite the people on what is good for the future and leave an enviable legacy for society to follow. So, national unification has been a challenge in Liberia, and the annual Unification Day celebrations must remind us about the wisdom and decisive effort of President Tubman to bridge the social and political divide that haunted Liberia before his time.

“Today, let us think about the challenges of our time; challenges that need the collective effort of all well-meaning sons and daughters of this Nation. The main challenge of our time is how to rationally see and define National Unification in terms of equal opportunity for all Liberians, regardless of tribe, religion and geographic location’ He noted.

The ALCOP Political Leader pointed out that at this age, National Unification has to be demonstrated pragmatically or practically in our national development effort to provide equal opportunities for the people in the rural and urban areas of Liberia. This means safe drinking water for all Liberians in every part of this country.

He stressed that, Villagers and city dwellers have equal rights. Liberia only needs serious, productive, pragmatic and farsighted leaders to plan and execute a national unification agenda that will bring accessible, reliable and affordable electricity; pipe born water, good road connectivity, good schools, good clinics or health facilities; affordable and accessible medications and other basic social services to all parts and peoples of our Nation equally.

He further that, unification agenda will use a viable economy as guarantee for economic and social security for all. For us, all these are possible through honest, hardworking and pragmatic leadership. These basic needs of our Liberian people are the key focus areas of the Manifesto of the All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP).

“We, the All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) are ready, willing and able to rise up to overcome these challenges and put Liberia on the path of permanent social and economic progress. We believe that Liberians have suffered a lot and they should not suffer any more abuse and neglect. We say: ‘Enough is enough’” he stated!

Speaking further, ALCOP political leader emphasized ALCOP has come to announce a new era; a better and responsive way of governance. The All Liberia Coalition Party invites All Well-meaning Liberians to join this national movement and save Liberia, our common patrimony. Together we can put Liberia on the path of irreversible progressive. Yes, together we can!

He however, boasted that, as Liberia awaits the 2023 general and presidential elections, we call on the government to increase its effort to protect all citizens from insecurity and mysterious deaths. We also urge the government and all political parties to ensure peaceful and transparent election that will promote political stability and economic progress in our Nation.

He then called on Liberians to uphold unity as Liberians, regardless of tribe, religion or political affiliation. We have a diverse society and we must work together to sustain peace, mutual respect and tolerance.

The All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP), congratulates you for this year’s National Unification Day and prays that Allah guides our steps and blesses our Nation the ALCOP Leader Political Leader Mr. Lusinee F. Kamara Concluded.

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