Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee

African Youth Peer Review Committee Calls For Jefferson Koijee Arrest

The African Youth Peer Review Committee is demanding the immediate arrest of Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Korjee for ‘Unacceptable Post-Election Behavior’.

In a release issue in Monrovia, Jeddlee Stephen Kinnii, National Coordinator of the African Youth Peer Review Committee stated that recent elections in Liberia were meant to be a beacon of democracy, an opportunity for the people to voice their opinions and elect leaders who would uphold their trust. However, the actions of City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Korjee following the elections have been nothing short of unacceptable and have shaken the foundation of our democratic values.

“Mayor Korjee’s behavior since the election results were announced has been characterized by a flagrant disregard for the rule of law and a failure to respect the will of the people. His actions have included incendiary rhetoric, undermined the authority of elected representatives, and promoted a divisive agenda that threatens to tear apart the unity of Liberia.”

“African Youth Peer Review Committee can no longer remain silent in the face of such egregious misconduct. We, the undersigned organizations, demand that Mayor Jefferson Tamba Korjee be promptly arrested and held accountable for his actions. It is imperative that the legal system takes swift action to restore faith in our democratic processes and ensure that no individual, regardless of their position, is above the law.”

“We call upon law enforcement agencies to investigate the allegations against Mayor Korjee thoroughly and impartially. The evidence of his misconduct is abundant, and it is crucial that justice be served. The arrest of Mayor Korjee will not only uphold the principles of justice but also send a clear message that no one can act with impunity and undermine our democratic foundations.” Jeddlee Stephen Kinnii, release stated.

Mr Kinnil, furthermore, urged the responsible authorities to take into account the sentiments and concerns of the Liberian citizens.  In these challenging times, it is essential that our elected leaders act in the best interest of the people they represent and work towards fostering unity, transparency, and accountability.

“Our collective demand for justice and the arrest of Mayor Jefferson Tamba Korjee reflects our unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law and preserving the integrity of our democratic institutions. We stand united in our quest for a just and equitable society, free from the clutches of corruption and abuse of power.” The African Youth Peer Review Committee release concludes.

On Monday, Supporters of Mayor Jefferson Koijee stormed the streets of Monrovia in support of him after news about the USA sanctioning him broke on social media.

The supporters carrying the young Mayor other shoulders, chanted anti-western slogans at the U.S. over the handing down of sanction on Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee.

Some of Mayor Koijee supporters argued that the American government recent sanctions just told the affected person not to enter the United States contrary to public perception that its intends to stop corruption or human rights abuses in Liberia.

“It’s like you telling me not to come to your house. Does that in anyway mean that I don’t have my own house be in or can’t go to any other house? This sanction thing is not a death sentenced as most people are making it to like. If a global peace icon and someone who epitomize tolerance in person of Nelson Mandiba Mandela could be sanctioned by the U. S. then who else can’t be sanctioned? Or should I be the one to tell you that Julius Seilu Maleman is currently on sanctioned by the same U. S. Government?

Is Julius Seilu Maleman ain’t soaring domestically and continentally despite their sanctioned? By the way which part of the Bible or Quran says that if you don’t go America, you will not make it to Heaven? The problem with us Liberians is that, we called ourselves an independent nation by theory, but in principle our mindset and ways of living portrays dependency. With the exception of not going to America, what else are those people mentioned going to lose?

Oh, McGill, Bill and Nuquay will forfeit their being, Senators? Since the sanction was placed on Prince Johnson because of “Pay for Play” he’s not still doing his pay for play? Did Prince Johnson die because of sanction? Look guys, let’s learned to love and prioritize our country. This is where God saw fit for us through birth. I will appreciate it where the United States government was to place sanction on the entire CDC or Liberia. Let’s see if on Judgement Day we will be ask if we were sanctioned by America or not as part of our judgement.” A supporter of Mr. Koijee wrote on social media.

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