AFELL Condemns Mob Violence Against Deddeh Simmonds; Describes It as Barbaric, Cruel, And Vicious

The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has categorically condemned the recent mob violence against a lady accused of being a criminal in the commercial district of Redlight in Paynesville.

Recently, a lady identified as “Deddeh Simmonds” was cruelly flogged by angry marketers, mostly street sellers after she was accused by some unidentified individuals that she has stolen from them, but failed to specify what she stole from them.

In a statement delivered at the capacity building training for local government and community leaders over the weekend, the President of AFELL, Atty. Philomena Williams on behalf of her organization condemned the cruel act meted against the lady.

The AFELL boss said “During today’s sitting, we will use microscope justice using the case of a mother, Deddeh Simmonds who was stripped naked, severely beaten and sexually assaulted by mob men under the defense of mistaken identity.  We had by-standers, who are community members watching without stepping in to help. This is barbaric, cruel, and a vicious act of violence.”

“It is dangerous to take matters into your own hands because it leads to a cycle of revenge and retaliation. We cannot claim lack of confidence in law enforcement officers or argue that the state has failed to provide us security and resolve to use mob justice as a policing mechanism. You must strengthen the rule of law at the community level. We trust that you as local government and community leaders, will impact the people you lead to conduct themselves in straight adherence to the rule of law,” Atty. Williams added.

Meanwhile, Atty. Williams has announced that AFELL is determined to ensure that Deddeh Simmonds receives justice. “Accordingly, the Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean has asked AFELL to join the state to ensure that the perpetrators are accountable for their action. We are acting accordingly.”

She said “Moreover, whether the police are slow to act or we feel that the state has denied us security, let us prevent all forms of violence, especially mob violence and adhere to the rule of law. Let us say no to all forms of violence.”

“It’s an undisputed fact that Gender-based violence (GBV) against women remains a major concern in Liberia,” she said.

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