A Young Lady Who Was Detain Upon Orders Of Lawmaker Dixon Seboe Released

Representative Dixon Seboe

Ms. Belvina Brooks who was detained at the Monrovia Central Prison on Thursday, June 12, 2020 after she alleged that Montserrado County District # 16 Representative, Dixon Seboe sexually harassed her over the past months has been released by our lawyers.

Addressing reporters immediately after her release from prison, Ms. Brooks alleged that the lawmaker was in the constant habit of sending people to her resident in the Borough of New Kru Town with the aim of her nudity or a Pornographic role.

Ms. Belvina Brooks (Back turned) speaking to reporters including KMTV after her release from Monrovia Central Prison on Friday, June 12, 2020

Ms. Brooks addressing reporters also alleged that the lawmaker who noted of constantly harassing young girls in the community, and vowed to expose him based on the documents in her possession regarding the behaviors of Representative Seboe, stressing, “ I have detail on how he has constantly made an attempt on me to sexually harass me,” Ms. Brooks told journalists upon her release by Cllr. Edwin Martin, Montserrado County, Chief Prosecutor and insisted that she has done no wrong and will seek legal penalties for her wrongful imprisonment.

For his part, Representative Seboe speaking to reporters publicly denied knowing Ms. Brooks from anywhere, and further vowed to press his case against her for damaging his hard earn reputation, stressing, “I will not rest until Ms. Brooks say exactly the truth about the allegation she has leveled against me, I will be the first lawmaker to take people to court for damaging me reputation falsely,” Representative Seboe said.

Seboe said the behavior of Defendant Brooks has not only injured his character but also hang a dark cloud over his fifteen year of marriage which he does not see as normal district politics.

Investigation Continues

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