A Passionate Letter To His Excellency, The President – 64th Edition : Africa – The Bleeding, Continent!! 

Your Excellency,

In several of my afore pieces, I have made it explicitly clear that most of Africa’s democracies are bogus and create potential recipes for governance tensions, conflicts, sporadic demonstrations, civil strife and full blown civil wars invariably. Most of our so-called democratically elected presidents and governments rule generally in their own selfish interests and their very few cronies and minority general populace. They see being in power and top public positions as means to enrich themselves while heartlessly robbing their peoples and nations of rapid development, advancement and prosperity.

That is one of the major reasons why, as unwanted and unacceptable as they are, military coups keep truncating democratic regimes across the continent, especially currently in francophone West Africa. Many of our leaders have traded the resources of their nations with mostly greedy western multinational investments to rip their nations of millions and billions of dollars, while giving these callous and greedy leaders pittances that enrich themselves and their cronies, but painfully at the expense of the masses and nations. That is why such scoundrel of leaders are always unfortunately richer their nationswallowing in extreme opulence, while the majority of the peoples and nations remain in abject artificial poverty, illiteracy and gross underdevelopment. What an aberration!! Even such presidents and their unscrupulous public servants who came/rose to power broke, in a few years amass so much unexplained wealth that cannot be justified by any means.

They use empty political clichés such as “zero tolerance for corruption, free market economy, equity and justice for all,” etc, while their lifestyles and modes of operation show just the stack opposite. For instance, what they call a “free market economy,” I see as a “manipulated or monopolized market syndrome.” In this system, they only approve and allow one or a very restricted amount of importers of essential commodities like rice, other consumables, cement and building materials, etc. so that they and their agents of exploitation can deliberately determine the prices of goods for their benefits and at the detriment of the masses. In lieu of opening up importation rights to many capable businessmen that can naturally make essential goods to flood the market, thereby causing prices to be affordable to the masses, due to the economic atmosphere of “much supply with less demand, leading to lower prices.” This endearing economic atmosphere works pleasantly in the interest and comfort of the common people. Also, in lieu of adding value to our “primary extractive resources,” like diamonds, crude oil, iron ore, uranium, rutile, bauxite, rubber, etc., etc., thereby creating employment, adding skills and causing the nation to make more needed funds, they negotiate sinister concessions with greedy concessionaires who make exorbitant profits and very little societal and national impacts in their corporate social responsibilities to both their host communities of investments and the countries at large. As such conflicts and civil strife persist between those concessionaires and the host communities of investments and/or nations. Such situations are really wicked, exploitative and a complete disservice to the ordinary peoples and nations of Africa.

Countries like Mauritius, Rwanda, Botswana, Algeria, Morocco and Tanzania that are significantly drifting away from this patronage exploitative system are making much human capital, technological and massive infrastructural advancements, while other neo-colonialist governments keep giving unrealistic excuses of global economic down turn, the Russia-Ukraine war and other ready scapegoats. This is why I view Africa as a “bleeding continent in ICU, undergoing reckless continual and multiple rapes from the West/South-East, in heartless contrivance with their greedy neo-colonialist colluders.” And let me hasten to say unfortunately that unless and until this dastardly syndrome of patronage exploitation is decisively tackled head-on by our African leaders and populace, we will continue to wallow in avoidable abject poverty, underdevelopment, bogus democracy, military coups, conflicts and civil strife.

However, I do acknowledge the painstaking strides and struggles of some other African countries, such as South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea (Conakry), Senegal, La Cote D’Ivoire, etc. to break loose from the age-old shackles of neo-colonialism and economic slavery, but seem to be arduously battling with both the spiritual and patronage political forces of diabolic princes and “evil geniuses” of their territories. The ministers and saints of the Most High God must relentlessly keep up the ardent worship and spiritual warfare for the total liberation of these nations.

May I end up this narrative by stating that the “legitimization of exploitative, dictatorial, repressive and ‘undemocratic’ regimes,” through rigged elections only sadly postpones civil wars, military coups and avoidable unrests? The practical governance lessons of the francophone spree of military interventions in Mali, Guinea (Conakry), Chad, Burkina Faso and Republic of Niger, (and the popular support of the masses who are suffering from a general bogus democracy fatigue) do not seem to be informing those of our corrupt and greedy leaders of the compelling need of either “real democratic change” or the peoples’ continual agitation for “real popular beneficial change.” My continual ardent prayer is for the mercies of the good LORD to override the frivolity, naivety and Stockholm syndrome of the repressed and vulnerable masses and inspire a popularly beneficial change that will propel us towards what other Pan Africanists and I envisage as the imminent GLORIOUS PATHWAY TO THE AFRICAN RENAISSANCE – in this 21st century and beyond. I shall expound much more on this dream in my inspirational, conceptual and motivational book, AFRICAN EGALITARIANISM – THE PATHWAY TO THE GLORIOUS AFRICAN RENAISSANCE 2050 AND BEYOND, which is currently in progress.

Long live true African Democracy! Long live the Pan African Dream! GOD BLESS AFRICA!!!

Best Regards,

Dr. Abraham Williams

Missionary/Int’l Rights Advocate & Expert

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