A Female Lawyer calls for Independent Functionality Amongst The Three Branches Of Gov’t…   

By: R-Joe Ks FINEBOY |

A Liberian Legal Practitioner has said the interplay of functions amongst the three branches of the Liberian Government, should be depoliticize, without the interference of any one branch to the other branch.

According Cllr. Kebbeh Saryon the Liberia constitution is cleared on the separate functions of all three branches of the government, which allows each branch to function independently without the interference of the other. citing that the crafters of the Liberia Constitution were brilliant individuals from difference backgrounds.

The Liberian female lawyer further noted that they were cleared on the separation of power; something she said, made the Liberian law a unique; adding that the law is clear as it is written, but it implementation is where the problem is.

Cllr. Saryon said with the speculation that the Legal Advisor to President Joseph Boakai allegedly asked the judge at the Monrovia City Court to drop the case against Prophet Key, without any formal hearings from both parties, contravenes the court policy and it should not be encouraged in keeping in line with a better justice system. The Liberia Female lawyer indicated that, the stability of any society or country, depends on the divisions and functionalities of that country or society written law for governance. And as it is with Liberia, where the Legislature make the law, the judiciary interpret it, and   the Executive branch enforce it.

“But if the Executive Branch wants to interfere into the works of the judiciary or the legislature, it is not good for the justice system of the country as well as keeping the country stable” she noted. Cllr. Saryon furthered assorted that, the court which is a key component of the judiciary branch should be left to perform its functions independently in accordance to the law; adding that no matter what the case is, as long as it is been  forwarded to court, there should be a hearing from all parties involved and where there be a possible means to find remedy, it can be better decided instead of creating a situation to make the judiciary or the court to appear as a toothless bulldog in the discharge of its functions.

The female lawyer assorted that “while   I am yet to authenticate the actual story linking the President office to the Endee vs Prophet Key, I recently heard him, saying on the social media stating that the Legal Advisor to the President Joseph Boakai asked the Presiding judge to drop the case against him”, the female lawyer also noted, something she said if it is true, it should not be encouraged,

She said it  would have been better, for the both parties to go for hearing, and it there was no room for common ground, then justice takes it course, stressing the  strength of the justice system lies in the adjudication of cases in the reach of the court,  but where it is been interplay by political influence, its undermines the works of the Judiciary through the court system.

She used the occasion to called on individuals who are in the content habit of trying to tarnish the reputation of other people’s characters on both social media and other public pace to abandon such habit, noting that people take time to build their characters and so to get someone trying to tannish such reputation is dangerous and uncivilized in these modern days, she also said, as much as the Abdula Kamara Act that decriminalized free speech, but it does not mean that if one is hurt he or she can’t go civil, “If Ambassador Endee stance against Prophet Key and has in her possession all the necessary evidence, than the case should be handled civilly instead of being interfered by the allege involvement of the President office as it is being speculated.

Speaking on the recent contention on tenure positions, Cllr. Saryon said on the issue of tenure position, there are certain tenure positions that are protected by the constitution so in cases of that nature it’s only the Liberia constitution through the Supreme Court that can interprets such law; adding that the court system in Liberia is a unique one but only if there is no political interplay or interference into the functions of another branch. She added that if the any one of the three branches, especially for the executive try to interfere into the work of the other branch, it will lead to what she referred to as “justice deformation in the justice system of the country.

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