A Decisive Reelection Of Deputy Speaker Koffa Is A Must – Liberians Speak Out

Meeting his people despite of any situation

As Liberians go to the poll to elect their new breed of leaders who will honestly bring dignity to their beloved country, Liberia, Africa’s oldest independent nation, many of those who have made such high mark in their professional leadership, and their nationalistic contributions over the last six years under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government are now been spotted to be reelected.

One of such persons is no other but the current Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the sitting Lawmaker of Grand Kru County’s District # Two Representative, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa popularly known as ‘HonCllr. Koffa’; his commitment to the growth and development of his country has been very overwhelmingly admired by many making sure that he is reelected in the upcoming polls.

Recounting his numerous developmental initiatives, some Liberians whom spoke to the GNN last weekend via mobile phones from his home county, Grand Kru County, and those residing in Monrovia in an exclusive interview joyously poured praises on the man they believed is their choice in the National Legislature must be reelected.

“Our calls are not cosmetic, but rather the actual facts are due to his unwavering commitment and support to the people of Liberia, particularly to the student community many of whom are pursuing advanced education due to the lawmaker financial and humanitarian support.

Always with his people knowing their problems and solving them

Over the years, according some Liberians who spoke to the GNN, indicated that the lawmaker who many described as a lawmaker without border be retained in his current legislative position. “JFK will be retained as our Lawmaker, and if possible will be elected as Speaker of the 55th Speaker of the House of Representatives”, Nathaniel Bartee, a resident of Baclayville in Grand Kru County speaking to our Correspondent said.

According to our investigation via interaction with dozens of Liberians including his kinsmen, youths and women groups, it was revealed that the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, JFK has always been in the frontline supporting the wellbeing of his people, at some instant, his support to the interest of the people was always borderless, meaning his kindness has no border.

Some individuals who spoke to our staff were over excited for the level of help been provided to them for their education, and medical needs, noting that he will forever be remembered in their lives for what he has done to improving their livelihood and their respective family.

Performing his obligatory duties at the House of Representatives, JFK has also been there to solving the people’s problem at the level as a direct representative of the people. One of such is the passage and amendment of the Third Amendment to the ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) noting that it will be ratified by the Legislature, describing the company as a major investor and stakeholder that has done more positive things in Liberia.

 “Remember this…it’s a ‘catch twenty-two’ ArcelorMittal is a major investor in the country…a major stakeholder. If I were to rate them between the good and bad, they have done more positive things than negative.”

he made this known last year in an exclusive interview in Monrovia, he said it would be prudent had the executive, during the negotiation process focused on a performance audit of the AML’s current MDA, to ascertain the company’s level of compliance, amidst claims and counter claims by its stakeholders.

HonCllr J. Fonati Koffa donates pickup to Grand Kru CDC Chairman, Togba Tuwray

“What the House was looking for was the Executive to do a little more of accountability, giving the noise surrounding what Mittal has done or not done. When you give us that report, then, we will be able to put ourselves in a better position to explain to our citizens the process of the ratification and our mindset in ratification,” he added.

He used the occasion to however recognize ArcelorMittal Liberia’s contributions as a major investor and stakeholder to Liberia, adding that the company has done better for the country.

His services to the people of Liberia is not static, but rather spread out to all the sector of the Liberian society, for instant, his helping hands during 2022 in review was extended to the people of Margibi County, particularly to a local church, ‘Harvest Wonderland’ Church where he graciously donated a 2.74 lot of parcel of land.

Muslims in Grand Kru County hold discussion with District two Representative, HonCllr J. Fonati Koffa

According to information closed to the Church, prior to the purchase of the land, the Harvest Wonderland Church had been squatting on a private land with owner of the land had threatened to evict them from their current squatting spot.

This situation drew the attention of Deputy Speaker Koffa and his to surprise them with the donation of the land for the construction of their Church. Speaking to reporter on the issue, the lawmaker said he believed that when you give freely, you will receive freely, noting, “I found out that when you give, you get blessed, and there is no secret about it”, he told legislative reporters last year.

A group of university students under the banner Conscious Students of Grand Kru County has honored Deputy House Speaker, J. Fonati Koffa in recognition of his numerous development initiatives since he became Representative of the county’s second electoral district.

On the international level, the House Deputy Speaker also called for the expansion of Liberia’s position in the international maritime industry, which will allow the country to regain its place as the number one registry in the world.

Speaking at the Posidonia 2022, the world’s largest international shipping exhibition taking place in Athens, Greece, Deputy Speaker said although the sector has contributed to the Liberian economy over the years, it still has great potential to do more.

The Deputy Speaker, who headed the Liberian delegation, said while the country remains the fastest growing registry in the world and the best in terms of service, it still needs to work harder in order to win back its rightful stature amongst the comity of maritime nations. With over 5000 ships flying its flag grossing 200 million tons, Liberia is the second largest registry in the world but rated as best in terms of service.

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