54th Liberian Legislators Elect Speaker Today, Bhofal Chambers Seems Favored  

Maryland County Representative, Bhofal Chambers

Members of the Liberian House of Representatives are expected to elect their Speaker, with news that Maryland County Representative, Bhofal Chambers who also a member of the Coalition for Democratic Congress (CDC) is expected to be elected as the 54th legislature.

According to report, his support comes from the Association of Opposition Political Parties’ Youth Leagues.

The group thru its spokesman Michael Tipayson said Chambers’ election would restore the dignity of the lower House.

Tipayson said Chambers would ensure the 54th Legislature is free of corruption if elected as speaker

According to him, the Coalition for Democratic Change- CDC- made no mistake to have selected Chambers as its nominee for the speaker post.

Also, Anti-Crimes Activist Liberia has also endorsed the Pleebo Sodoken lawmaker who has won his third election.

Executive Director Nana Lartey urged Rep. Chambers to revisit “unprecedented concession agreements” if elected to the speaker position.

Lartey also called on him to end injustices and promote moral values and the rule of law.

In his acceptance remarks, Representative Chambers said reconciliation and laws in the interest of the people will be his focus.

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