Youthful City Mayor, Jeff Koijee Careless Of Clean City, As Dirt Overwhelms Nation’s Capital

The best dress City Mayor of our time, Jefferson Koijee with a dirty city; calling for dirt to be buried

Monrovia, Liberia’s capital founded April 25, 1822 was the second permanent Black American Settlement in Africa after Freetown, Sierra Lone, named in honor of former U.S. President, James; a prominent supporter of the colonization of Liberia and the American Colonization Society, nowadays has become a place that scares people away due to its filthiness.

With all of these troubled situations that have engulfed the City, the Mayor or Chief Administrator of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), Jefferson Koijee has resolved to remain adamant, caring less of the current look of the Nation’s only capital city which is now drowning in huge pile of dirt, and at the same given rise to mosquito related illnesses at the detriment of the residents of the City and its environs.

This youthful Mayor of the City of Monrovia, is indeed making history for his quest to paying deaf ears to the cry of Monrovia residents who are inhaling the unbearable odors in the City including market places where food, drinking water and other eatables are being sold is scaring due to the unexpected malaria and other unwanted diseases outbreak.

Recently at one of his news conferences, Mayor Koijee called on residents who feel that their residents have been engulfed with huge pile of dirt must see reason to bury same as a means of cleaning their surroundings, Mayor Koijee irritating statement did not go down well with many who over the years have been paying taxes to the City Government for a clean environment, and a save City, wondering as to whether Mayor Koijee is up to the task to run Africa’s oldest City.

These huge pile of dirt around the city and its environs continue to increase flies and other dangerous insects that will have the potential to cause lots of illnesses for by passers through the smells of unwanted odors, while at the same time parents whose kids are always with them will be hard hit by any of the illnesses as a result of an unclean.

Mayor Koijee is blaming donors due to the lack of support to his administration to keep the City clean, perhaps due to his lack of innovation to make things work; his inability to impress donors for a clean City, observers believed has given rise to the filthiness of the Nation’s only capital city.

The likes of Mary Broh, affectionately call ‘General Broh’ who during her tenure at the MCC tirelessly kept the city and its environs clean has been missed by the Monrovia residents, her hard work in making sure that this city remained clean will forever be remembered.

Mayor Koijee must see reason to strategize on the cleaning up the only city that Liberians can be bragged off in order breath a sense of healthy living as was done in yesteryear.

Joel Cholo Brooks Writes

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