Where Is Notorious Benjamin Yeaten Amid Unwanted Killings?

Liberia Notorious General, Benjamin Yeaten

As African leaders in their preparedness to get rid of trouble makers on the continent, the whereabouts of one of Liberia’s notorious killers, Benjamin Yeaten is said to be unknown following his reported escaped from under house arrest in Lome, Togo after it was noticed that he had changed his name to James Diah.

General Yeaten was arrested in 2004 in Lome by international police based on alleged request of the UN backed Special War Crimes Court in Sierra Leone, by unpredictably fled that country after he got the hint that some high profile investigators were in that Country to have him taken in order to face justice.

The questions of his whereabouts drew the attention of local and international criminal investigation experts who are still opting for his arrest for his role played in the Liberian civil war taken the lives of innocent people during the reign of President Charles Ghanky Taylor who is now in the UK prison to serve a jail term for 50 years for crimes against humanity.

Sources close to the GNN confided that Yeaten who was recently spotted in Liberia covertly, left the country unceremoniously due to several reports featured on social media of his presence in the country amid the rampant killings of innocent people, However, it is still unknown as to his whereabouts in the region after fleeing the country.

Sources closed to the GNN also revealed that this notorious killer have over the years been roaming the sub region seeking save heaven under a difference name, reportedly transformed his look (Shaving his beard and hair) in order for him not to be recognized by those who knew him in Liberia during his war days as one of Mr. Taylor’s most powerful and fearless armed Generals.

Flash Back: Yeaten with Charlies Taylor Junior now also serving a jail term in the US

Other information gathered by the GNN and is yet to be confirmed, has also hinted that General Yeaten is currently securing a contract from one of the neighboring countries after been assured for his safety in that particular based on an agreement to provide security for a sitting President with a manpower of over 600 well trained armed men and women.

The whereabouts of General Benjamin Yeaten drew the concern of many Liberians, especially those who knew him to be a fearless killer amid the reported ongoing unwanted killings of innocent Liberians as people lucid and wondering as to why such situation should be unfolded at this crucial time under the CDC-led government headed by President George Weah, and former UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Flash Back: Yeaten (In jeans) taken military advice from his boss, Charlies Taylor at the time of their war machinery

With such information about General Benjamin Yeaten that he is reportedly been hired by a sitting President in the sub region, the National Security apparatus of Liberia must be more proactive in putting in more time to do its due diligence in finding out the facts surrounding the whereabouts of this notorious armed General as the Liberian people looks forward to their National Security for a peaceful and harmless environment.

During the reign of President Taylor, it was alleged that General Yeaten was solely responsible for the deaths of Samuel Dokie and his entire family members, as well as John Yormie and Isaac Vaye, two former officials of the Taylor’s brutal regime.

He was also alleged to have been the mastermind in the massacre of 175 persons accused of being rebel LURD sympathizers in 20 July 2002. And in April 2003, he again allegedly ordered the massacre of 269 citizens of River Gee County on grounds that they were supporters of the rebel movement.

Accordingly, General Yeaten was reportedly linked to the deaths of Sam Bockarie and Johnny Paul Koroma of Sierra Leone as well as several other massacres, killings and gruesome human rights abuses.

So with this news of his whereabouts, Liberians are expressing fear of his bouncing back on the soil of Liberia, especially during these days of unwanted killings taken place in Liberia nowadays with no clue.

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