UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein In August 2023, Liberians are celebrating 20 years of peace. (file)

What next for Liberia after 20 years of peace? A UN Resident Coordinator blog

This August marks twenty years of peace in Liberia Opens in new window following the end of the brutal civil war there, followed by a successful democratic transition. In this blog, the UN Resident Coordinator Opens in new window in the West African country, Christine N. Umutoni, reflects on the enormous progress Liberians have made.

“After the civil war, which claimed the lives of over 200,000 people, a comprehensive peace agreement was signed in August 2003 in Accra, Ghana. Since then, Liberia has sustained a period of uninterrupted stability; transforming from one of the most volatile to one of the most peaceful nations in West Africa.

Over the years, this country, where I am proud to serve as UN Resident Coordinator, has made significant strides in its socio-economic development journey. Liberians have demonstrated tremendous resilience, battling the devastating impacts of EbolaOpens in new window and COVID-19, contending with growing inflation, mobilizing grassroots leadership, and making slow but sure dents in tackling infant mortality.

Yet to reap the full economic and social benefits of this hard-fought peace a lot more needs to be done.

National poverty levels remain high. Gender and income inequalities are still pronounced, and it is estimated that 57 per cent of school-aged children remain outside the classroom.

On top of this, rising costs of commodities following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have added to Liberia’s economic challenges.

UN Resident Coordinator in Liberia Christine Umutoni (far left) tours a voters registration center.

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