Water Shortage Hits Mbankada Town in Kolahun District Lofa County

By Emmanuel Mafelah /mafelahemmanuel29@gmail.com

The lack of save drinking water is said to be hampering the living conditions of citizens of Mbankada town in Kolahun District, Lofa County.

Mbankada which is a historic town within the Gbandi Land has a population close to 700 inhabitants.

The citizens in tears said, they are finding it very difficult to have access to safe drinking water especially during the dry season.
Kolahun District was the scene of heavy fighting between government troops and rebels during Liberia’s second civil war, causing massive shifts in population and destruction of property is been represented by Hon. Clarence Massaquoi at the 54th National Legislature.

According to report, Women of the town usually walk for some 30 to 45 minutes in bushes to fetches drinking water something they said is causing serious health hazard in the town among children and adults

The Mbankada citizens said the lack of save drinking water is just one but the town is also face with poor educational facility which is results to many school going children becoming farmers and fathers of many children in the area.

They citizens further said the situation is posing their lives at a serious health risks adding that there is a needs to be given some attention and an urgent intervention if they are to live happily and healthier. .

The citizens in a very sad mood also said the inability of their Lawmaker and national government to provide those needed facilities is a clear demonstration that they have been marginalized.

According to them, the absence of these social needs are posing threat to their wellbeing, thereby causing their children to grow uneducated and at the same time barricading their economy gains, as well as causing them an unbearable health disaster, describing it as a total Wickedness upon them as citizens living in that part of the country. The citizens also believed that their rights to have access to equal opportunity have been violated over several years by Leaders they elect to represent them.

They said on many occasions they have been seeking assistance from some government Officials including their Lawmaker but to no avail.

The Mbankada citizens are at the same time callings on the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah to direct his government Pro-Poor Agenda for prosperity and development to their aids for the improvements for the community and dweller’s.

In closing, the citizens called on their District Lawmaker Hon. Clarence Massaquoi, well-meaning Liberian and philanthropist organizations to aid them with the provision of safe drinking water in the area.

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