WA $5000 Fund for creatives to join Artnoise Open Program to Canada and exhibit in Art Toronto Fair, Canada.

Deadline January 11th, 2023

Applications for WA $5000 Fund for Artnoise Open Program are now open. Artnoise open program is a cross-cultural program that invites creatives in traditional and new media who want to take steps in their career and artistic development to create new art and exhibit for 2 – 3 weeks in Accra, London, Marrakesh, Lome, Capetown, or Toronto.

Artnoise is a micro arts platform in West and East Africa that focuses on fostering creativity with its yearly arts residencies and opportunities that give creatives a platform to make new art, exhibit, and explore new cultures and audiences.

In the past, Artnoise programs were strictly based on participation through a strict selection process, however, through 2021 – 2023, the program is open meaning all applicants who are able to fund their travel and pay the full fees are eligible to travel and create with Artnoise. The fees range from as low as $285 – $975 with a refundable booking fee of $200. Allowances and discounts for travel are also made accessible to participants who book before the deadline for each stay.

For Artnoise Open Program 2 week stay in Canada, scheduled from 25th October 2023 – 7th November 2023, participants will have the opportunity to explore the arts and cultural scene in Toronto while sharing a condo in Leslieville, Toronto with 14 other participants. Participants will have access to a studio space to create, meet locals as well as enjoy planned tours of Canada art galleries, sites, and street art.

The most attractive feature of the Canada stay is Art Toronto fair which is Canada’s international contemporary and modern art fair, located at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in the city’s downtown core. Providing unique access to the Canadian art market, the fair is the most important annual art event in Canada. The fair attracts an estimated 130,000 people and invites hundreds of artists to exhibit and participants of Artnoise open program, Canada will have the opportunity to exhibit at least 1 of their works at the fair.

Application is very easy, simple visit https://artnoiseng.com/openresidency/, click “register” at the top of the page and fill the registration form, then book your slot with a refundable $200. You will be updated with an itinerary for your trip and any additional information. You will be expected to pay the rest of your fees at check-in on the first day of the program.

To provide financial support for those who want to participate but cannot afford the full fees, Artnoise is receiving support from Watreats which is offering $5000 in financial aid to 5 professional creatives and artists for its trip to Canada. The aid will cover travel expenses, the open program expenses, and an additional $1000 stipend for the prize winners to complete art projects and cover the 2-week living allowance.

Entry is simple, all participants have to do is:

  • Complete their application to Artnoise open program with their project submission
  • Create a 1-minute short film about themselves and their art and share it on Instagram
  • Upload the video to Instagram or Tiktok
  • Follow and Tag @artnoiseng, @watreats in the post with the hashtag #WAArtPrize

The deadline for applying for this prize is January 11th, 2023.

Winners of the prize will be announced on March 20th, 2023. The prize is only open to Artnoise open program, Canada participants and selection will favor early applicants.

Watreats will also favor professionals who have worked at least 2 years and can speak English for its prize. Winners will be announced via Instagram and contacted directly.

WAtreats is Africa’s luxury marketplace which provides original luxury African gifts and brands to those who enjoy exploring original tastes and brands from the African continent.

For additional questions and inquiries about the program, kindly email Christine- artnoiseng@gmail.com

Watreats.com / Image Credit: Andrew Williamson

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