Violation Of ‘No Go Zone’ By Tricycles, Motorbikes Riders, Pose Security Threats – Police Must See Reason

Joel C. Brooks

Police Chief, Patrick Sudue

Liberians and foreign residents of Monrovia and its environs on a daily basis continue to suffer in the hands of riders of tricycles and motorbikes many of whom believed to be criminals operating under the canopy of providing services to the public.

Tricycles and motorbikes riders have resolved to violate the ‘No Go Zone’ restrictions imposed by the former ruling Unity Party (UP), and now are freely plying the streets of Monrovia with no fear of authority, while at the same time some of them are using this opportunity to rob innocent people of their belongings without fear of the law.

Police that should be protecting lives and properties in most cases relaxed as dozens of tricycles and motorbikes without the fear of authority in most cases ply opposite lanes in the presence of traffic police and other security apparatus, a situation that poses security threats to driver of vehicles and even the ordinary pedestrians of Africa’s oldest city, Monrovia.

GNN investigation has uncovered that many of the traffic police officers of the Liberia National Police are owners of these very tricycles and motorbikes, for this reason, many of the officers from our investigation overly paid blame eyes to the violation of traffic rules by these riders who are believed to be their breadwinners via riding of their tricycles and motorbikes.

Just recently a clergyman of a local church was brutally wounded by three riders of a tricycle, taken away his personal belongings including his mobile phone. This incident is one of the many incidents that drift Monrovia daily at the detriment of innocent people.

Authority of the Liberia National Police must revisit the ‘No Go Zone’ restrictions imposed by the former ruling Unity Party prior to the election of the Coalition for Democratic Change Government (CDC) Government for the movement of riders of tricycles and motorbikes.

A word to the wise is sufficient

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