Vex gives US$1,255 and L$11,800 to families of four deceased auditors

The families of the four diseased auditors and fellow Liberians at home and abroad; we bring you profound greetings from the chief convener of Voices from Exile, activist Martin K. N. Kollie who would have loved to be here today but cannot due to his current situation.

We are more than honored to unite and connect with the families and loved ones of the four (4) public auditors who were gruesomely murdered in cold blood for honestly discharging their national duties as anti-graft crusaders. We want to extend our earnest sympathy to them once and reassure them of our endless support and solidarity. In our opinion, these auditors will continue to be celebrated and remembered as true heroes because they died while fighting against corruption and public waste in government.

Voices from Exile (VEx) through its chief convener Martin K. N. Kollie is more than humbled to not only advocate for justice on behalf of the 4 auditors but to also identify with the children of these auditors. On this note, we want to present US$1,255 plus L$11,800 as our modest contribution to the tuition and fees of the children of the deceased auditors.

This amount was willingly collected through VEx by a group of patriotic Liberians who are very concerned about JUSTICE and the livelihood of the auditors’ families. Initially, we collected this money to hire an independent foreign pathologist, but the non-cooperation and guilty posture of the government kept resisting our honest move. But JUSTICE will still come no matter how long it takes.

Voices from Exile (VEx) will not rest until JUSTICE is guaranteed for those deceased auditors. We are firmly standing with and by their families during these difficult times. VEx is grateful to all its supporters, followers, and sympathizers for their contribution towards this worthy initiative. Only God will bless them enough.

We are also seeking justice for the three missing boys that were kidnapped by St. Moses, a key ally to the Weah-led government. It is unfortunate that this government is still protecting St. Moses at the expense of grieving family members. We are still demanding the unconditional release of those boys.

As we advocate for millions of Liberians across Liberia, we have a duty to also assist and inspire lost hope. And this is exactly what VEx has been involved with. On this note, we appreciate the families of those public auditors for working along with us in this regard. Thank you for coming.

Signed: Martin K. N. Kollie

Exiled Liberian advocate and Chief Convener

Voices from Exile (VEx)

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